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  • Chess.com Partnership

    The Rooty Hill Chess Club is happy to share that the 2024 Sydney Chess Championships is now partnered with Chess.com! Chess.com is now offering at least 10 diamond membership plans as prizes for participants in the SCC, up to 6 months long! These prizes will be awarded based on rating divisions and other categories, which…

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  • The Arbiters Team

    The full team of arbiters for the 2024 Sydney Chess Championships has now been finalised. We welcome the best of the best arbiters to ensure the smooth organisation of the event! Chief Arbiter: IA Charles Zworestine Deputy Chief Arbiter: IA Peter TsaiArbiter: NA Bevan CloustonArbiter (Backup): FA Winston Zhao ChenChief Organiser: FA Winston Zhao Chen

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  • More Discounts!

    Entry fees for FM/WFM players have changed! FM and WFM players are now eligible for a 30% discount on their entry into the Open and Blitz (does not stack with concession entry). Players who are not titled or have CM/WCM titles with a rating of over 2000 ACF or FIDE (in classical/standard time controls) are…

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  • Registrations Now Open!

    Happy New Year! Registrations for the 2024 Sydney Chess Championships are now open! Early entries close 1st of June 2024. Sydney Open Chess Championships:Free for IM, GM, WIM and WGM (Entry must be received before June 1st 2024)20% Discount for FM and WFMEarly Bird: $150 ($120) Sydney Classic Chess Championships (U1600 ACF)Early Bird: $130 ($100)…

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  • Funded Accommodation

    Funded Accommodation is available for 2 interstate (not NSW) or overseas FIDE Titled GM or IM players. Hotel fees will be fully paid for by the Organisers. This funded accommodation will only be provided on a first-come first-serve basis. Please email winston@rootyhillchessclub.org to register your interest.

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  • Registrations Opens January 2024

    Registrations to the 2024 Sydney Chess Championships will open for Early Bird fees starting from the 1st of January 2024.

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